Tuesday, September 24, 2013

40% off EVERYTHING at TinyPrints.com!

For one day only, everything at TinyPrints.com is 40% off!

Need invitations?  They're 40% off.

Want to make a photo book or want prints of your latest party?  Take 40% off your order.

Ready to do some early Christmas shopping or get a jump start on your Christmas cards?  Well go right ahead, because everything's 40% off!!!

Better head over to the site fast, though, because this offer ends Wednesday, September 25th at midnight PST!

I've just secured some goodies for myself...including a few personalized things to send in my kiddo's next college care package.  I'm so excited!

Hope you find some goodies, too.  :)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Missed that fabulous offer on Tiny Prints! But looking forward to any upcoming holiday posts here. :-)

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