Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4th of July Porch Party and a Giveaway!

When contacted me and asked me to try out some of their products, 
I knew right away what I wanted to use them for...


After all, what's more American than an ice cream sundae on a summer day...enjoyed on your front porch?!!

With a few festive items from Shindigz, I was able to throw together a fun, casual get-together
that anyone can easily pull off.

Using their sundae glasses, star confetti, and some American flags
I set up a DIY milkshake station.

To keep things super simple, I made the milkshake mixture ahead of time, and kept it in the freezer until we were ready to serve it.  Easy peasy!

You could also freeze the glasses ahead of time to get them nice and frosty...perfect for a hot summer day!

Keeping with the red, white, and blue theme, cherries, blueberries, and sprinkles were just the toppings we needed for our milkshakes.

Super cute gingham napkins were used as a table runner, of sorts, 
and anchored our sundae glasses on the table.

The star confetti was really fun to play with!
I added it to the straws to give them some patriotic pizzazz, 
and I also used them to decorate the toppings crate.

Of course, I scattered some on the table for good measure, too.  :)

Using some chevron wrapping paper as a backdrop and the foil starburst decorations from Shindigz,
I transformed a section of the porch into a patriotic photo booth.

Such fun and a super easy way to add a festive feel to the party, and the photos make great keepsakes!

And what 4th of July is complete without sparklers
Shindigz sells them in packs of 8 and they're so affordable!

If you have a cake or cupcakes at your celebration, these would make excellent cake toppers, 
otherwise, they're lots of fun to play with!

Now, how about that giveaway?!!!

Not only was Shindigz generous enough to give me some of their goodies to try,
they want to give some to YOU, too!

Shindigz is offering a $50 gift code to one lucky reader, 
and it could be YOU!

The gift code can be used toward anything on their website, so shopping will be so much fun!

To enter, simply leave a comment in the Rafflecopter box below 
telling us your favorite way to celebrate summer.

Good luck!  :)

***This giveaway has ended***

Congratulations to Heather S.!
Instructions to claim your prize are waiting for you in your inbox!  :)


  1. Love to celebrate summer by gathering with family and friends for a bbq, or dinner party outdoors.

  2. We love to entertain and hang out on the lake

    1. You've got the perfect summer spot, Terri! Your new beach area is gorgeous! :)

  3. We like to enjoy time with friends over drinks and food

  4. We love to celebrate in the back yard with the grill doing the work!

  5. A good friend get together with a big bbq

  6. Family and a hot grill

  7. Love to celebrate summer with a Family BBQ and ice cold refreshing drinks!

  8. Bbq and camping!

  9. My favorite way to celebrate summer is celebrating July 4th, with a parade, a picnic, fireworks and freedom. Lots of fun food and decorating make it such a great celebration!

  10. My family's favorite way to celebrate summer is with a backyard bbq. We throws some meat on the grill, set out a pool for the kids and invite our friends over.

  11. A family BBQ is our favorite way to celebrate summer!

  12. A big 4th of July party

  13. Outside all the time with cookouts and corn hole!

  14. Eating ice cream with friends!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Cute set up, Jennifer!!! Such a fun thing to do on a warm summer day! Love the frame with the wire backing!

    1. Thanks, Pamela! This was a lot of fun! The toppings crate was actually an old herb garden crate that I converted for the party. It turned out really great! :)


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