Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Flip Flop Wreath

Once warm weather rolls around, flip flops are pretty much the only shoes you'll catch on my feet.  I just looooove them!  They just scream summertime, to me. 

So, when I came across a bin at Jo-Ann filled with these fun, bright colored flip flops for only a dollar, I knew I had to snag them!

I raided my ribbon stash for some fun coordinating ribbon, and this super cute flip flop wreath is the end result!

Soooo stinkin' cute, right?

And what an adorable prop for a summer party, pool party, or even a flip-flop themed party!!!

Here's how I made the Flip Flop Wreath:

I started off with a wire wreath form that looks like this:

I played around with the placement of the shoes until I had them where I wanted them, then I used wire to secure them to the form.

Next, I cut my ribbon into strips (you can play around with lengths until you have the look you're going for), and tied them to the wreath form to fill in the spaces between the flip flops.

It takes some time to tie all of the ribbon on, but it's ooooohhhh so cute when it's finished!

Add some flower sprigs, a bow, or a cute little homemade sign across the middle of the wreath and you've got yourself a masterpiece!  :)

And since I am a party girl, after all, I immediately started brainstorming ideas for a flip-flop-themed party.

Start off with adorable little flip flop invitations like these (available here in our shop)

Then add some cupcakes topped with cute little party toppers like these (available in our shop here)

Have everyone come wearing their favorite flip flops, then set out some fun craft items along with some inexpensive flip flops like these, and have everyone decorate their own pair.
Hand out prizes or certificates for the most colorful, most creative, most outrageous, most sparkly, etc.

You'll have an activity and a party favor all tied into one!

Serve up some of these great little flip flop cookies, and you've got yourself a party!

(Photo Credit:  A Little Loveliness)


  1. Hey what an interesting idea? I have never heard of flip flop wreath earlier. Not sure how it will look when I make it but yours is looking cute.

  2. Happy Birthday YouTube. Your invention totally wrecked our community wifi, but it has spurred us on to start laying fibre and build a futureproof network that video can not break!

  3. Wow this is a great idea but how did you come up with it? I'm tempted to give this a go as we have many unused flip-flops lying about the house but I know for a fact mine would never turn out as good as yours.

    Sarah @ Goodheart Gifts

  4. I love the flip flop wreath! I'm going to try it next summer.

  5. Thank you for being the first example of a wreath this kind on pinterest to actually describe how to make it!! All the other ones are just pictures and its very frustrating!! Do you have any suggestions though on how to keep the wire from scratching the door?

    1. Oh, Mandi, so glad I could help! You could probably use felt on the back of the wreath to keep the wire from scratching your door. It's inexpensive and should do the trick! :)

  6. What size is the wreath form?

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