Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Win an Autographed Copy of Push-Up Pops!

We've got a winner!!! 
Congratulations to Roxana of Sugar Sugar Cakes, you're our lucky girl! 
Please contact me by 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 11th to claim your prizes.  :)

Have you ever seen something and knew instantly that your life wouldn't be complete without it?

If you've never had one of those moments, you're about to.

Feast your eyes on this:


Feel the tingling in your toes?  That's called excitement, and here's what's causing it:

First of all, Push-Up Pops is the very first book written by Courtney Dial, the insanely talented girl behind one of our favorite party resources,!

Secondly, if you've seen Courtney's work, then you know that what lies within this book is something you must have in your life.

See for yourself:

Source, Photography by Kyle Dreir

Source, Photography by Kyle Dreir

Source Photography by Kyle Dreir

Aren't these little desserts just incredible?!!  I told you, the girl has talent!

(Sidenote:  If you aren't already following Courtney's work, you're really missing out!  Check out and her baking website, The Bakery Spot, ASAP)!

Finally, that excited, tingling feeling is happening because we're giving away a brand new, autographed copy of this book, FREE, to one lucky winner, and it could be you!

But that's not all! 

I'm also throwing in a 12-pack of the push-up pop containers and two spools of cute ribbon so you can start recreating some of Courtney's recipes right away.

Sweet deal, right?  Now, get your typing fingers ready and enter for your chance to win!

How to Enter:

You may enter by completing at least one of the six tasks below.

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  1. I could not leave my tweet link it is April824 and I did tweet about it. :o)

    1. Hi April! Your tweet went through, I just got a notification. You should be all set! Good luck! :)


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