Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Party

My friend Terri of Terri's Treasures has 3 little girls...with birthdays only 4 weeks apart. 
She recently celebrated the big occasion with the cutest Little Red Riding Hood Party that I think I've ever seen. 
She was sweet enough to share her party with us and I'm thrilled to be able to show off her work to you!
So, without further ado, here's the fairytale birthday party of 3 very special little girls. 
"Once upon a time, Katie, Kelsey and Kylie had a birthday..."

The entire setting was just perfect!

The shed was tranformed into "Grandma's house."  On the door hung a homemade wreath that warned "No Wolves Allowed!"

A gorgeous picture of the 3 little red riding hood girls hung from a homemade backdrop above the beautiful dessert table.

Don't you just love the tree trunk cake stand with the girls' initial carved into it?!!

All of the goodies were simply incredible, and I'm in complete awe of the LRR cake pops that Terri made!
She is truly a cake pop genius!

No detail was gingham, pine cones and earthy touches were found throughout the party area.  Terri even added Little Red Riding Hood detail to the flower vases!

These spectacular Kandy Kones made by Celebration TODAY…The Superchick Way were crazy awesome!
Each of the girls adorned a shirt with appliques from The Sewing Loft, as well as necklaces from 3 Little Birds Boutique, headbands from Nikki, in Stitches, and capes and aprons from Sweet Things.
They looked positively adorable!
A photo booth was set up with photo props provided by Eye Candy Event Details.
Brick, burlap and flowers served as the perfect backdrop.
The chairs were salvaged by Terri at a yard sale for $5.  She stripped them, repainted and re-upholstered them for the party.  Don't they look great?
See how she did it here.

Super cute little baskets filled with candy and adorned with personalized tags from The Purple Pug were sent home with each little guest, while the grown up guests each got lucky with a custom jar of homemade soup mix.  Terri scored the Little Red Riding Hood fabric at Foxes and Fables and used it to top each jar of soup.  It was the perfect touch!
Terri was nice enough to share with us the tags and recipe instructions that she included with each soup jar.
They are available for free download here.

The girls had an amazing party and lived happily ever after!  :)

Vendor Credits:

Cake: Icing Tops the Cake
Favor Name Tags and Cake Topper: The Purple Pug
Toadstool and Wolf Cookies: Dandy Delights
Little Red Riding Hood Cookies: Firefly Confections
S'more Pops: The Sweetest Thing
Table Banner: Stampin Fanatic
Party Printables: Bird’s Party
Kandy Kones and Double Sided Crepe Paper: Celebration TODAY…The Superchick Way
Wreath on “Grandma’s House”: The Knock Knock Factory
Printable Photo Props and Coloring Pages: Eye Candy Event Details
Wolf Mask Photo Prop: Mahalo
Little Red Riding Hood Fabric: Foxes and Fables
Backdrop, Cake Stands, Cake Pop Stands, Pine Cone Placeholders: Terri's husband, Mike
Little Red Riding Hood Appliques: The Sewing Loft
Necklaces: 3 Little Birds Boutique
Headbands: Nikki in Stitches
Capes and Aprons: Sweet Things
Photography: Wildflowers Photography

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY Guest Post ~ Make an Adorable Party Banner from Recycled Shirts!

Hey there, party peeps! 

I'm off enjoying a little vacay time so I've asked my sweet friend Aimee of Aimee Broussard Events to pop in and share some of her amazing creativity with you while I'm gone. 

You may remember Aimee from my Martha Stewart NYC post.  Remember how excited she got over the buttons? 

Yep, that's her jumping up and down. :)

This pic captures Aimee's personality perfectly.  The moment she lays eyes on something her creative juices get flowing and she starts bubbling over with excitement, and that's exactly how her genius banner idea came to be.

Her DIY is almost as adorable as she is!  Hope you enjoy it!  :)

Lemon Lime, It's A Banner on a Dime!
{A grown up lemonade stand in less than 1 hour flat}

Hi gang! Aimee here from Aimee Broussard Events filling in with a quick & easy tutorial while Jennifer enjoys some vacation time.

The last time I was here, my lemonade soiree 1st birthday party was being featured.

Apparently, I have a thing for lemonade. And while I won't be showing you how to build your own lemonade stand, I'm going to show you how to throw an impromptu lemonade soiree of your own....with clothes found in your donation pile! And..... in less than an hour of preparation time.

We'll start with this.

See that fabric banner? And these fun little napkin rings?

Both were made with the polo shirts from my former job! Sssshhhh.....don't tell anyone.

Company policy dictated that prior to disposing or donating company logo attire, the logos must be cut out then tossed. Me dispose of pima cotton fabric? Not likely!

First, I'll need you to gather your supplies.

You'll need fabric (or, in this case polo shirts) in the colors you want your fabric remnant banner to be, twine, ponytail holders for the napkin rings, scissors, a rotary cutter & cutting mat. Don't stress if you don't have the rotary cutter. It makes the job easier but entirely not necessary.

You'll begin by cutting your fabric in about 1-1/2 inch strips.

Don't worry about being exact. Some of mine are 1-1/2 inch and some as large as 2 inches. I like to keep it funky & random.

Once in long strips, then decide how long you want the tails of your banner to extend. I cut mine about 5 inches long.

I like to entirely shred my shirts and create nice little stacks of each color before getting to work.

Cut a long piece of twine the length you want your banner. Leave enough on each end for attaching & make a knot on each end as a marker of where to stop knotting.

Now, plop yourself in front of the television & catch up on the Housewives of....Wherever. {I'm serious, you're going to be knotting for a little while}.

Once complete, move on to your ponytail holders and begin working on your napkin rings. You'll find that the 5 inches will be a little long for the napkin rings, I went back and trimmed mine by cutting slants to each end.

Ok, so you're probably noticing that my photo in the beginning included buttons on my napkin rings. I decided they just weren't dressed up enough, so I added strands of green & white buttons to make them a little more funky. I had clear elastic thread left over from another project, and used it.

Add lemonade + homemade treats + other random things around the house.........


{DISCLAIMER: My treats consisted of rice krispie treats & homemade popsicles. The popsicles take slightly longer than 1 hour. }

Thanks for hanging out with me! Now if you don't mind, I need to be excused as I have a lemonade popsicle calling my name.......

xoxo, Aimee

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY ~ Ruffled Apron Tutorial

There were so many cute little details in our Cake Boss Party, but I have to say that my favorite (and apparently yours, too), is the adorable DIY ruffle aprons!

When the idea for these aprons struck me, I knew they were gonna be cute.  I just had no idea they were going to be this cute.  I am so excited about the way that they turned out, and I'm just thrilled that you all love them as much as I do!

So, without further ado, here's how to make your very own ruffled aprons.  :)

You'll need to start off with an apron (I ordered child size aprons from for a really reasonable price) and some iron-on transfer paper

Print the image that you'd like to transfer onto a plain sheet of paper.  Place it on the bib of the apron where you'd like the image to go and use it as a guide to determine the size your image needs to be.  Once you've got the size figured out, flip the image so it's backwards (a mirror image).  If you don't have software that can do this, is a free program that you can use.  Here's what it should look like:

Print the image onto iron-on transfer paper, fitting as many onto one sheet as you can.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for transferring the image onto the apron.

Doesn't it look great, already?!!
Now you'll add some velcro to the apron so the kids can attach their ruffles.
I used no-sew velcro and it worked fine, but if I were to do this again I'd recommend the velcro that you sew on.  It will be more secure and last longer...and will be much better going through the wash.
To determine how much velcro you will need, measure the width of the apron and multiply it by the number of ruffles you will be using.  Add a little extra for good measure and that's how much velcro you should purchase.

Following the manufacturer's instructions for adhering the velcro, adhere the strips about 3 to 3 1/2 inches apart width-wise down the front of the apron like this:

Next you'll make your ruffles.  For anyone who knows how to sew, this will be a breeze for you and you may know a better way than what I'm about to describe.  But for me, I'd never sewn a stitch in my life and this was my very first project.  I totally winged it, but I got the job done.  Here's what I did.

Start off with coordinating fabrics that you want to use.  I chose 4 fun prints with cupcakes and cherries.

Measure 7 inches and mark it with a fabric marker.
Use scissors to make a snip in the fabric and then rip the fabric.  It rips in a nice, straight line and doesn't require any extra cutting or marking.

Fold the bottom edge of the fabric over about 3/4 of an inch to one inch and hem. 
Fold the top edge of the fabric over about half and inch and hem.
About half an inch below that seam, stitch two more seams about 1/4 inch NOT backstitch...leave the strings long and loose.
Hold the loose strings tight and pull the fabric, working it with your fingers to create gathers.
Continue gathering all the way to the opposite end of the fabric until you have a nice, even ruffle.
Fold the side edges over and hem.

Adhere the opposite side of the velcro to the backside of each ruffle following the manufacturer's instructions.

Repeat until all of your ruffles are made and have velcro attached.

So pretty! 
The ruffles easily attach/detach to the velcro on the aprons and allow the kids to customize their aprons with any ruffles that they want.

And even cuter on...

I totally want one of these for myself!

Be sure to check out the other tutorials from this to make the personalized baking hats and the inexpensive cake stands.

Coordinating party printables are also available in our Etsy shop.
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