Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Shoppe Party

Well, the Sweet Shoppe party was a huge success!

The kids had an absolute blast and the party styling was incredibly fun! 

You can see all of the party details on the website (just click here) ...the invites, decorating instructions, games, favors, and of course, the fabulous cake! 

You'll definitely want to check them out. 

This post is all about the show and tell! 

There were waayyyy too many for pictures for the website, but everything looked so awesome that I just had to show off the pics somewhere! 

Here are quite a few of them.  To see the entire album, "like" us on Facebook and you'll see ALL of the fun pics. 

Ready?  Here they are! 

The Invites! 

You may remember them from this post...

The Sweet Shoppe Awning

My husband is absolutely amazing!  I described to him what I envisioned and he made it happen.  He's the best!  :)

We included lots of goodies in out Sweet Shoppe...even toothbrushes to help clean those sugary teeth!

I am completely digging this rock candy SOAP!  Yes, it looks just like real rock candy and it smells just as sweet!
Visit Tammy at to see these and lots of other sudsy goodies!  

 The Decor...

I took the birthday girl to the local candy store and took lots of pictures.  Then I framed the pics in bright, colorful frames and displayed them on the mantle.  They looked great!

Paper party lanterns were converted into giant hard candies and placed around the party area.

These little lollipop topiaries were a kid favorite! 
Each time they participated in a game they got to go pick lollipops off of the "lollipop trees."

Guests were greeted at the door by this sign from  The TomKat Studio!  Isn't it adorable?!!

The lollipop walkway...

Isn't is just amazing what you can do with paper plates???!

The "Sweet" Games

Pin the Gumball in the Gumball Machine

Ring Around the Lollipop

Candy Bean Bag Toss

Candy Necklace Stringing Station

The Party Table

Before the food...

The candy necklace garland...this was MY favorite!

I fell in love with these candy-striped straws from Bake It Pretty!

The Sweet Shoppe Cake

To see more pics, click on over to our Facebook page and see the entire album!

Remember, ALL of the party details and how-to's are on the here to check them out now!

Recommended Resources: :  Sweets for the Sweet Shoppe. :  Solid color paper plates that were used for the walkway, the decor and the lollipop toss game.

The TomKat Studio:  Sweet printables like the personalized door sign and the favor tags.

Milk and Cookeez:  The incredibly cute rock candy soaps and lots of other sugarless sweets! 


  1. Jen, Thanks so much for the mention :)
    What an adorable Party!!!!
    You had so many wonderful "Sweet" accents, but I have to say, that candy garland was my fav too!!! Love it! The cake was adorable too, what a "sweet" Party :) Fantastic!

  2. Adorable!! LOVE the 'lollipops' lining the sidewalk, so clever!

  3. Thanks, girls! This was a really fun party to style! :)

  4. Love all of the little details. My favorite has to be the sweet shoppe cake. I would love for you to link it up to my party:

  5. Love everything...Did you make the ribbon wreath?

  6. Jenny, I found the wreath at a local arts show last year, but it would be SOOO easy to make! It is just a simple foam wreath with the curling ribbon stapled directly onto it. I think the hardest part would be the time it would take to curl the ribbon, but that's something you can do while you're sitting in front of the TV! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Come back soon! :)

  7. How did you make the paper cones????

  8. Hannah, the cones were simple to make. You just roll the paper and secure the edges with double sided tape. If you're more comfortable using a template, there are plenty available online...just Google "paper cone templates." Good luck! :)

  9. I absolutely love all of your ideas.. I'm actually planning to use some of them for my daughter's birthday party. I was curious where you found the yellow boxes for the paper cones, and also if you have any more info on the cake?

  10. Hi Kymber! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! The boxes are just regular boxes that I wrapped with yellow wrapping paper (fun trick for adding color and height to a table)! The details for the cake have yet to be posted, but I can tell you that I made it using the cupcake pan from Wilton and placed it on top of a 2-layer round cake. The entire cake was decorated with buttercream, and taffy and a candy necklace were used for fun accents. Hope this helps you adn that you have a FANTASTIC party! ~ Jen

  11. Kymber, the how-to for the cake is now posted! You can find it here: Have fun and good luck! :)

  12. Jen,You are Awesome! Thank you so much!

  13. Pictures are great, some really good ideas. Candy buffet type parties seem to be getting very popular.

  14. I love all your ideas and can't wait to "steal" them for my daughters b-day party. She requested a candy theme and I wasn't all that excited about it until I found your blog. Now I've literally spent three hours on-line ordering supplies to copy your ideas. Did you make the base for the cones of goldfish? If so - how did you do that?

  15. Hi Dorothy! I'm so excited to have inspired you! :) The base for the cones is simply a plain box wrapped in wrapping paper. Just punch some holes in the box where you'd like the cones to go and you're all set! For extra stability, it helps to stick lollipop sticks through the bottom of the cone and into the box. I'd love to hear all about your party when it's over! :)

  16. What an amazing post.

  17. So sweet! Is that party over? I can say that the party is one of the best party themes I ever saw. Everything are sweets and my kids really sweets. I wish we can join that party.

  18. Wow,wow, wow fabulous party! May I ask where you got the gumball machine poster and the other game materials you used?

  19. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! All of the party goods were handmade. The gumball machine game board was just foam board covered in felt, then decorated with a felt gumball machine and a fabric "awning." Circles cut out of felt served as the gumballs and stick to the felt board with no adhesives needed.

    The bean bags were just pieces of fabric stuffed with beans and stitched together, and the lollipop toss "top" was made out of paper plates!

    Hope this helps you! :)

  20. Hello I was wondering where you found the colorful toothbrushes ?

    Thanks :-) The party was so cute - soooo many creative ideas !

  21. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! The toothbrushes were a bargain find at the dollar store...2 for $1! :)

  22. I love this party theme, my favorite are the invitations, very creative idea!

  23. Thanks, Sandra! This party was such fun! :)

  24. Could you explain more on how you made the awning? :-) Thanks so much!

  25. omgosh, this is amazing! i want to do a candy theme for my daughters birthday this year but she is only gonna be 2. got any ideas like this but for way younger? lol i would love some feedback!! love your stuff!! great job!

  26. I love this idea! What did you use to hold the paper cones full of goldfish?

  27. Nevermind! Guess I should have read the blog first! I am curious what you used to hold the lollipop tree in the pot? With the lolli pops being so heavy..

    1. I'm so happy that you like the party! I inserted a foam block in the pot and surrounded it with rocks to balance the weight out and it worked fine. :)

    2. Perfect! Thanks for the reply!

    3. You're welcome! Enjoy your party! I'd love to hear how it goes! :)

  28. I love this!I'm planning a candy themed party for my daughter in May and I now have some great ideas. Did you use actual candy necklaces for the garland?

    1. Thank you! I'm thrilled that you like the party! Yes, the garland is actual candy necklaces! I purchased 3 of the giant ones and then just pinned them to the tablecloth. Super easy and super cute! I'd love to hear how your party turns out! :)

  29. jEN- I love this idea and have already started planning my daughter's party. What size dowell rods were those for the walkway lollipops? Or where did you get them.


  30. how did u hold thw dowel inside the pot for the lollipop tree?

  31. Adorable ideas here. I know I'm late to the game, but what type of clear plastic wrap did you use for the front walkway lollipops? Is that just the clear wrap that you buy in rolls from the dollar store?

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