Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creative Cookie Mama!

As I was putting together ideas for the kids ice cream party yesterday I stumbled across a fabulous blog that I just have to share you...The Cookie Mama!

I was originally super excited about her ice cream cone cookies because they matched the theme I was working on perfectly. Not to mention the fact that the cookies were gorgeous...

So after seeing these creative concoctions, naturally I just had to take a peek around the blog.

Oh, my gosh!  I was blown away! 

This "Cookie Mama" really knows how to dress up some cookies! 

Take a peek at just a few of her amazing designs, like these cupcake cookies...

...or these dice cookies (which I am soooo making for my next Bunco gathering)...

...and these luau cookies... about a little cocktail for good measure?

The colors in these little football cookies are just great!

But I was completely obsessesed with these little Farmer's Market cookies! 
They are absolutely, positively precious!!!

Isn't she one talented gal?!!

And she does all of this work from home while raising 2 cutie pie little girls! 

Absolutely amazing!

Make sure to pay a visit to the Cookie Mama blog to check out all of her awesome designs and to show her a little blog love!

In the meantime, I'm sending her a great big thank you for sharing her ice cream cone cookie idea with me! 

Thanks, Cookie Mama!  :)


  1. Stunning! Those cupcake and ice cream cookies are fantastic!

  2. all cookies on this blog is so yummy.


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