Friday, March 26, 2010

PalmTree Cake

Stylish and Sassy!
I'm really excited to share this cake with you because it's so unique!
I love the colors combined with the animal prints, and the chocolate palm tree cake topper really adds the perfect finishing touch!
This was my first attempt at "painting" with chocolate, and I'm crazy about the way that it turned out! I think I may be doing this a lot more often {wink, wink}! :)
I made this cake for my daughter and a couple of her girlfriends that all have birthdays around the same time.
They requested giraffe and zebra prints, and since lime green is my daughter's favorite color, I knew I wanted to incorporate that, too.
Add a little bit of fancy ribbon, and voila...a really cool cake!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrate Spring by Hosting an Egg Hunt!

Egg hunts are so much fun and really help to kick-off the spring season!

Adorable little invites like these with the hatching chicks from are perfect to set the mood for your get-together!
In addition to searching for eggs, you can have the kids decorate eggs or set up a "spring" themed cupcake station and have them decorate their own cupcakes.
Set out icing in fun colors with springtime sprinkles to go on top. They'll love it!
Bake a citrus pound cake and spinkle it with powdered sugar for a nice treat for the grown-ups. Top it with fresh berries and whipped cream for an extra-special treat!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Show and Tell!

After all of the hard work you put into planning that party, why not show it off?
We love being inspired by all of your fun and unique ideas, and it's always so cool to see what creative things you've come up with!
Submit your party ideas to us and give us all the creative details...invites, decorations, favors, games, food, and most definitely the birthday cake!
We'll feature your party on its very own web page for all to enjoy...and give you full credit! :)
Share your party here.

Under the Sea / Little Mermaid Party

This Under the Sea party was sooo much fun to plan!
My sweet, adorable niece wanted to have a Little Mermaid Princess party, so I decided to turn it into the ultimate "under water" celebration.
The decorations really set the scene. "Waves" made of draped fabric and streamers created the water above us, while balloon "bubbles" dangled from the ceiling and covered the floor.
I created a "grotto" for the birthday girl, complete with a framed photo of Eric and a bouquet of "dinglehoppers" (forks). I also made a clam shell with a pearl pillow for the birthday girl to open her presents on. It was soooo incredibly cute!
Fun games like a sea cave treasure dig, fishing and an under the sea pinata kept the kids entertained, while yummy munchies kept the adults happy.
I found an idea for PRECIOUS seagull cupcakes from Hello Cupcake, which might be one of my favorite parts of the party.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Super Sweet St. Patty's Day!

Add a dab of green food coloring to simple cupcakes...

...smother with yummy, creamy, buttercream frosting...

...peel the wrapper...

...and ENJOY!
Hope you have a super sweet St. Patty's Day! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrations in Bloom

Well, the past couple of days here in Virginia have been nice and warm, leaving me itching for spring time!

Nothing says "spring" more than flowers in bloom, which leads us to today's post.

Check out these super creative and absolutely adorable flower arrangements from!

Who would have ever thought that you could make a slice of cake out of flowers?!!
iconAnd cupcakes,
icontoo? And you know what I like best? It's all CALORIE FREE! Oh yeah, I'm sold!

But wait, that's not about a beer mug full of flowers
iconto help celebrate St. Patty's Day? Or a birthday hat bouquet?
icon Sooo incredibly cool!

If you just don't feel right indulging without calories, not to worry. They've got you covered...literally! Chocolate covered strawberries
icon, caramel apples
icon, and cookies
icon are all available...and all delivered right to your door.

Alright, enough chatting, I'm heading over to
icon for a little bit of indulgence. You know you want some, too...I'll see you over there! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Princess Birthday Party Invitations

I stumbled across these adorable little princess birthday party invitations and just had to share!

They were created by Amy at Sweet Stuff Studio.
Aren't they adorable?!!

Simply use coordinating scrapbook papers to create your invitation, then tie on a little wand that the kids can play with while they wait for the big party day to arrive.

To make your party complete, you've definitely got to see these dress up party ideas. Seriously....they're fit for the only the most special of princesses!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stylish High Heel Cake

Is this cake sassy or what? LOVE it!

A friend approached me with a reeaaallly cute invitation and asked me to make a cake to match.

The invite was brown and leopard print stripes with an adorable pink high heel shoe on it. Along with it, she gave me some leopard print ribbon she had found.

This is what I came up with.

Candy Whoppers make a great border...they almost remind me of a chunky beaded necklace...very cool!
For presentation, I stacked and hot glued cake boards together, then wrapped them with black paper. I added pink cardstock for color, then wrapped the edges with the remaining ribbon.

See more pics of this cake and get cake decorating instructions here.
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